Making it Happen in Your Business

At the time I was setting up my own coaching practice, various business names were running through my mind.  I came up with the name Your Clear Path, because it makes it clear right away, that it is about YOU. And that YOU will find a Clear Path, a path with manageable challenges. I researched the internet to check if a company with this name already existed. I was lucky: only a landmine company ?? located far away had the same name.  I made the final decision for ‘Your Clear Path’. The symbol of the evolving butterfly and the compass, that shows that anyone can go any direction, were and are accompanying the name, Your Clear Path. I made the name happen.

Nowadays a lot of other companies share the same name. But that does not make my company less unique.

The next step was, besides doing all the formal administrative stuff for the DBA and other obligations, to build my practice. ‘Doing the networking thing’, spreading the word, creating brochures and business cards, walking the talk. Making it happen.

WOW, making it happen is such a common sentence that so many people use in daily life, but what does it really takes? I think it takes various ingredients such as, using a daily positive mantra, for example: “What a wonderful day is it today. I will breathe in and out, and fill my head with positive thoughts”. And another ingredient is, making sure that the mantra stays within arms reach during your day. Every time a challenge will face you, you will grab that mantra of the table and put it in your mouth and swallow it. Making sure you digest it.  Over and over. The mind is conditioned to go into wires of negative thoughts, but by training your mind the other way, you can simply condition it the other way around. Then, besides taking care of the basic needs such as a full night sleep (7-9 hours), healthy foods (whole foods), water and some physical exercise, use a schedule for  all the action steps that need to be taken. Which brings me to the next step: ACTION! Making it happen by taking action. Scheduling the network events, creating your website, brochures and business cards, scheduling network visits to preschools, churches, hospitals, doctors offices, stores, coffee houses etc., whatever is relevant to your niche.  And follow up with your steps.

And then, go back to the first step, the mantra. Because all the hard work you do, may not pay off right away. Negative and self defeating thoughts may enter your mind, and you may become discouraged. So, in order to make it happen, make sure that you drink that lovely cocktail of pure love, positive thoughts,  encouragement and all that, as many times as you need to. And ignore the other ones, they  are just words. Pay attention to the tension in your body, and focus on the part in your body that is not tense and that feels solid.

What else is needed to make it happen? Feel it! is it your passion you are working on ? Feel the joy, feel the excitement when you are talking about your business, when you are getting a new client, when you start your day. Passion is everything.

Embrace the process. Making it happen is a theme in Los Angeles, and all over the world. You start somewhere, and end up somewhere else. Where that will be? It is a little bit of you, and a little bit of the universe and the process.

Mantra, Schedule, Action, Mantra, Feel it, Embrace it.

Well, where does that leave me and Your Clear Path?

Every client that leaves my practice satisfied, happy, or happier, filled with new ideas of how to live life, that is when I am making it happen. My success rate is simply to provide a Clear Path through coaching and providing psychotherapy.  I used the above pointers, although I left the networking business a little bit premature. Why? I thought, let’s have the universe do it’s networking for me. It already gave me so many good things.

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